Springtime is for fresh beginnings and joyful activities but the transitioning can sometimes be challenging to our body. So here are five simple ways to transition into spring feeling healthy, happy and vibrant!

5 Ways to Transition into Spring Feeling Healthy Happy & Vibrant!

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While Spring is officially here, the weather seem to have taken a giant step back. We have gone from blizzards to record breaking warm days this winter, to weeks of pouring rain. In midst of all these changes, we desperately crave the sun, light and warmth, and the possibility of a fresh beginning.

  1. What you eat is what you become

Food is a very powerful thing. It can either enhance your body’s support system or weaken. Eating seasonal is the best and most efficient way to help support your well-being. I like to incorporate a lot of fresh greens and spring vegetables, as well as smoothies and warm teas to help my body transition well with the weather.

For me this step is as simple as stopping at my local Shaws Supermarket to grab some fresh seasonal produce and my most powerful fuel to stay well, Bigelow Benefits Lemon & Echinacea Herbal Tea which is a fabulously tasting tea that helps support everyday wellness.  Aside from the exceptional flavor I love, the Bigelow Benefits line contain ingredients that are good for you, is gluten-free and non-GMO.

5 Ways to Transition into Spring Feeling Healthy Happy & Vibrant!

2. Your body was made to move

You don’t need a fancy equipment or an expensive membership to gym to successfully conquer this important step. Our bodies were made to move each day and every effort counts! This step can be as simple as taking 5 minutes to stretch in the morning before you get out of bed, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in the back of lot to get those extra steps in.  As the weather become more pleasant, I like to go to my local high school and walk or jog around the track. The distraction of watching the activities on the field helps keep me motivated and before I know I’ve walked a mile! This theory works the same whether you choose to walk in a park or your neighborhood.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of rest 

While experts say you need at least 8 hours of sleep, I like to also follow my body’s command and give it more or less rest depending on what my body is telling me. Sleep is so important and too many of us are compromising on this very important step. This brings me right back to my drinking tea habits. A calming and fragrant tea such as Bigelow Benefits Chamomile and Lavender Herbal Tea at bedtime helps signal my brain that it’s time to shut down. More rest allows me to stay focused and have more energy to get things done.

5 Ways to Transition into Spring Feeling Healthy Happy & Vibrant!

4. Getting outdoors

Outdoor activities can have a great impact on our overall happiness and well-being. There is something magical about the fresh air, the chirping of the birds and free vitamin D from the sun that promotes a deeper state of wellbeing. I personally love spending time in my vegetable garden, visiting local farms or doing yoga on my deck. The idea is to find what excites you and make more time for it!

5. Find your tribe

People crave connection yet so many of us end up feeling isolated and alone. The cure? It’s as simple as inviting a friend over for tea! You will be amazed at how uplifting and invigorating this simple act can make you feel.

To learn more about how Bigelow Benefits Tea, as part of your everyday routine, can help you define the life you want to live, visit the site and stop at your local Shaws Supermarket to grab your Bigelow Benefits Lemon and Echinacea Tea today!

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5 Ways to Transition into Spring Feeling Healthy Happy & Vibrant!

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  1. I’m enjoying the Benefits line too, these days. I’ve been drinking Balance every day in the afternoon before dinner and I just love it. It’s so flavorful and no sweetener is needed. If it’s nice out, I’ll drink it on the porch, making my quiet time even better! Can’t wait for spring to really be here every day. 🙂 #client

    1. I gotta try Balance next, lemon and echinacea is my all-year-round favorite, love this delicious combination and you’re right, no sugar needed!! Thanks so much for stopping by Courtney!