Summer season is upon us and the season would not be complete if it wasn’t for the gratifying sound of sizzling food on a fiery hot grill. Get your main dish ready and be prepared to enjoy these healthy grilled veggie side dishes.

Whether you crave classic grilled veggies with olive oil, salt, and pepper, or unique twists, these recipes have you covered. Get ready to elevate everyday veggies into grilled sensations!

air fryer zucchini

Air Fryer Zucchini Fries

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Air Fryer Zucchini Fries by Garden In The Kitchen

These crispy, golden-brown Air Fryer Zucchini Fries are the perfect guilt-free alternative to traditional fries. Though cooked in the air fryer, these zucchini fries can easily be cooked on the grill.

eggplant tacos
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Grilled Eggplant Tacos

These Grilled Eggplant Tacos are the perfect combination of colors and flavors. Grilled eggplant slices are topped with cheese, a bean, corn, and tomato salsa, and fresh cilantro for a delicious and satisfying dish.
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eggplant tacos

Grilled Eggplant Tacos by Garden In The Kitchen

Grilled eggplant slices are topped with cheese, beans, corn, tomato salsa, and fresh cilantro for a delicious and satisfying dish.

Grilled Potato Salad With Sweet Mustard Dressing

This grilled potato salad with sweet mustard dressing is an incredibly tasty side dish for your summer cookout.  
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Grilled Potato Salad with Sweet Mustard Dressing by Garden in the Kitchen

Potato salad is a quintessential summer side that pairs well with pretty much anything.

Which Vegetables Work Well On The Grill

Pretty much any vegetable will work on the grill, even greens, as you’ll see below in a recipe for grilled romaine lettuce. Ideally though you want to use a vegetable that can keep its shape once cut. As such kale leaves, spinach or other leafy greens may not be the best options.

But, go ahead and grill whatever else you can find at the farmer’s market this summer whether it be asparagus, mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini or even watermelon!

How Do You Prep Vegetables For The Grill

  • Make sure to cut the vegetables thick enough so they don’t fall through the grates.
  • Ensure all the pieces are about the same size so they cook at the same pace.
  • Salt, pepper and olive oil are great as a basic marinade but you can prepare your favorite barbecue sauce or meat marinade for the veggies too.
  • Depending on what you are grilling it may help to blanch the vegetable beforehand to speed up the cooking process. Blanching can be helpful if you are grilling artichokes, green beans or root vegetables which typically take a fair amount of time to cook. You can also boil your corn on the cob for a few minutes so it cooks up faster on the grill.
  • Once you’ve got your grilled veggies you can squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top, sprinkle them with freshly grated parmesan cheese or just enjoy them as is.

Choose From These Exciting Grilled Vegetable Recipes For Your Next Cookout


Grilled Corn on the Cob with Creamy Roasted Jalapeño Sauce by Joyful Healthy Eats

Corn season is so short so there’s no better way to enjoy it than with some corn right off the grill. Top it with the creamy roasted jalapeno sauce for a touch of spice.


Grilled Eggplant Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette by Cooking and Beer

Grilling eggplant really brings out its flavor; perfect to enjoy as a side salad or appetizer.


Grilled Parmesan Garlic Asparagus by The Recipe Critic

Charred and smoky with a sprinkle of parmesan makes this grilled parmesan garlic asparagus a family favorite.


Grilled Romaine Lettuce Creamy Lemon Dressing  by Hapa Nom

If you’ve never had grilled romaine lettuce before, you are in for a treat.


Vegetable Kabobs by Damn Delicious

These bright and tasty vegetable kabobs are packed with flavor.


Grilled Lemon Garlic Zucchini by Damn Delicious

Crispy tender zucchini grilled with a lemon butter sauce will pair well with just about anything.


Grilled Cherry Tomato Skewers by White on Rice Couple

Juicy and bright these tomato skewers add color and tons of flavor to your meal.


Mediterranean Grilled Avocado Stuffed with Chickpeas and Tahini by Food Faith Fitness

Be prepared to be amazed at how avocados off the grill taste. These avocados are great as an appetizer or main dish.


Grilled Artichokes by Simply Recipes

Tender smoky grilled artichokes will add flavor to your meal. Make sure to steam them first.


Grilled Vegetable Salad by The Endless Meal

This grilled salad features perfectly charred vegetables and giant warm croutons all tossed in a simple balsamic vinaigrette. 


Grilled Radishes Brown Butter Thyme Sea Salt by Recipe Runner

Grilled Radishes with brown butter, thyme, and sea salt are an easy side dish for spring or summer.


Grilled Cilantro Lime Paprika Corn on the Cob by Blissful Basil

This grilled cilantro, lime and paprika corn on the cob is packed with beloved summery flavors.


Grilled Cornbread with Jalapeño Honey Butter by Whole and Heavenly Oven

This homemade cornbread is slathered with jalapeno honey butter and then quickly cooked on the grill to crisp, buttery heaven.


Grilled Watermelon Feta Basil Salad by Recipe Runner

Sweet watermelon paired with salty feta, fresh basil, and tart lime juice is a refreshing and delicious combination.

Now the question is, which one of these amazing healthy grilled sides will you try first?

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My goal is to make cooking simple and enjoyable.

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I hope my recipes will inspire you to cook more home meals and above all have fun in the kitchen!

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